Make your next shopping trip a shopping centre workout!

No one likes the idea of packing on the kilos during the holiday season, but the truth is, most of us will see some kind of weight gain, despite our best intentions...

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 Why not turn your next shopping trip into a shopping centre workout? Not only will you get dozens of great gift ideas but you’re sure to burn off a Christmas cookie (or two…)
Here’s how: before your next trip to the shopping centre, don some comfortable clothing and your walking shoes. Upon arrival, (and before you purchase anything), quickly walk the length of all floors of the centre, back and forth, until you’ve passed by every store and read every sale sign. Keep a notebook to jot gift ideas for those on your gift list.
When you’ve returned to your starting point, you’ll have a better idea of where to shop, and have sufficiently revved up your metabolism for burning off holiday indulgences (provided you didn’t do a detour at the food court!).
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